Emergency Relief Workforce Development

As part of a project funded by the Department of Social Services, Matrix undertook a survey of the Emergency Relief sector to establish their workforce development needs.  There are 319 organisations that deliver Emergency Relief services to vulnerable people from 1045 outlets across Australia.

We found that 70% of the work is delivered by a volunteer workforce and interestingly all paid staff and half of the volunteers use email in their work. To read more about the workforce development needs of the ER sector download the report  here.


2018 Emergency Relief Training Program

The training program for Emergency Relief workers is nearing completion. Click here for the calendar of Face to Face training

To support the face to face training and reach people who were unable to get to make it to a session, all of the training has been made available online






In order to run your ER service effectively it is sometimes handy to have access to templates for policies, procedures and forms for your workforce to use as they perform their duties.

There are a few organisational policy templates as well.  


ER Service Self Assessment

What should we be working on next in order to improve our ER service?  Are there any resources that we can access to help us work this out?

Click on the button below to be taken to the Service Self Assessment tool.