About Matrix


We engage in long-term relationships to build capacity, sustainability and trust.

We believe that strong and successful non-profit organisations are essential to a just society. The sector has many challenges, with limited resources, increasing compliance requirements, complex funding arrangements and pressing community needs. Matrix provides consulting, training and evaluation services so that the non-profit sector and our clients have clearer plans, stronger finances, more skilled Board and staff, and increased capacity to achieve their mission.

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About Us

At Matrix On Board, we walk beside our clients. Through our experience, our advice and our tailored programs, we help them provide the best services possible. We’re here to be a partner with non-profit organisations across Australia, with a particular expertise working for those working with indigenous communities.

Matrix is owned by Nerida Nettelbeck, a seasoned non-profit CEO and Consultant who enjoys creating workplaces that bring out the best in people.  

Our approach

Simply put, our strengths-based, collaborative approach builds the capacity of our clients. For us, success is measured by our clients’ ability to improve their value to communities after we have left. We work hand-in-hand with non-profits, co-designing solutions to ensure relevance, purpose and long-term engagement.

A vision for change

We are committed to strengthening the non-profit sector. At every step, we want to ensure our approach makes a genuine improvement in the lives of the people each organisation serves. That’s why we offer effective choices, and identify simple and practical actions that empower organisations to serve their community.

A focus on strengths

We use strengths-based evaluations when we work with non-profits. We ascertain what is working within an organisation from the perspective of consumers, stakeholders and staff. We then identify what aspects of a service can be built upon or replicated. When difficulties arise, our approach seeks to resolve issues and move on as quickly and pragmatically as possible.


Our values

In everything we do, we put people first. We are inspired by the good work our clients do, which is why we partner with them to improve and continue their services. Through our expertise, experience, support and guidance, we empower people to make a meaningful impact in the world.

A framework for sustainability

We use the McKinsey Capacity Framework to assess non-profits by identifying key elements of capacity and outlining new ways to build sustainability. This guides us as we align organisational aspirations and strategies to the capacity identified. We know capacity building takes time, which is why our staff members believe in a long-term approach.

A way to engage

We base our work with non-profits on Action Research, a participatory process designed for real change and understanding. When we carry out research with each non-profit, we engage deeply with staff and stakeholders, talking them through the process, capturing their views, and discussing recommendations. This helps everyone to embrace change, and actively work towards improved outcomes.

A recognition of achievement

Organisational change happens most effectively when people experience success. Our staff are here to identify and articulate organisational success stories — from small steps to wide reaching transformations. Our reports illustrate to non-profit staff and stakeholders what success can look like, so that everyone can share the satisfaction of positive changes taking place.