Feature Project: MoneyBusiness© Kit Training and Review

Client: ANZ Bank
Date: July 2017
Location: Melbourne and Northern Australia

MoneyBusiness Kit Training and Review

Helping to build money management skills

ANZ established the MoneyBusiness© financial literacy program for indigenous Australians in 2005 in remote communities. In conjunction with the Australian Government, the program was made available to Money Management Service Providers to use in the delivery of financial literacy education programs.

Matrix’s Involvement

Matrix worked with community organisations to build their capacity in the delivery of financial literacy education programs. We taught Money Management Workers around Australia how to use the MoneyBusiness© Kit as part of the FMRSU between 2009 and 2015, and have continued to provide this training supported by ANZ.

Matrix continues to deliver training for new facilitators on behalf of ANZ Bank, as part of their ongoing commitment to the sector.

ANZ has also engaged Matrix to review its financial literacy programs, including the MoneyBusiness© Kit and its use. The continuing connection we enjoy with service providers and communities enabled us to gather the data required by ANZ for the review.


This is a vital service, which helps develop a stronger savings culture in remote communities.

Financial exclusion is a significant problem among Indigenous communities, and we are proud to have been able to work with ANZ on helping to improve this through a truly collaborative, relevant and culturally appropriate service.