2Learners program

Mentoring for Managers, teams and communities

Is mentoring and coaching something that you’re currently doing, or looking to introduce?

Whether its assigning someone to mentor a new team member; managers or teamleaders working with their people; or staff working with their clients, mentoring is a powerful way to bring about and measure change.

The 2Learners program is a practical, facilitated process that was originally developed with respected indigenous workers in the field. It has been adapted to acknowledge that, irrespective of background and culture, every individual has a different worldview and different skills, knowledge and experiences.

Both parties in a mentoring process will learn from each other - its a two-way learning relationship.

Delivered over 2 workshops of three days each (6 days in total), each participant group will develop their own branded and tailor made forms and templates that suit their particular cohort of mentees.