Financial Capability Sector Support

Matrix was funded by the Department of Social Services to provide mentoring and training to support the development of remote Financial Capability Workers in SA, NT and WA. We now offer fee for service training in the sector.


Mentoring Training

In 2016 the sector identified two way learning as an important feature of remote service delivery.  Matrix developed the 2 Learners mentoring program that acknowledges the skills and experience of both the mentor and the mentee in any learning relationship.  This program has been implemented into service provider operations to support the learning and development of their staff.


Accredited Training

Matrix offers accredited training in the Financial Literacy Education Skill Set. We have thought about how hard it is to take training to remote locations, to deliver it when you need it given all the things that can get in the way of staff being able to sit down and learn.  All of our training is available online. We offer face-to-face and blended learning options too, as purely online learning isn't everyone's cuppa tea. 


Skills Development

Matrix provides one on one or group mentoring for staff who deliver financial capability programs in remote communities.  Matrix are skilled at providing on the job training in a strengths based way that builds confidence.