Our Values



At Matrix, we are…

Human. Knowledgeable. Practical. Enabling.

We are human.

In everything we do, we put people first.

We care about and respect our clients needs, wants, problems and desires and strive to deliver the best outcome so you can continue the good work you do.

We are known for the individual care we take with each client, regardless of your size or complexity.

We don’t behave like a large faceless corporation. We make a personal connection.

We are driven by the inherent good our clients do.

We are knowledgeable.

We listen intently to our clients and your experiences – we know there is always more to learn. It is our collaborative approach that helps to build understanding and synergy with the complexities of our client’s needs.

Over time we have built a bank of knowledge that is detailed, vast and industry-leading. When clients tell us we know what we’re talking about, it’s because we do. Our relentlessly inquisitive and thoughtful nature allows us to develop considered and practical solutions to suit each unique client, in a language you can understand.

We are practical.

We walk alongside our clients, connecting with you where you are. We work with you to create approaches and solutions that will work for you.

We are enthusiastic about every endeavour, with a passion for problem solving that sees us go above and beyond every day for our clients.

We support your capacity to make the best decisions that will contribute to genuine improvements in the lives of the people you serve.

We are enabling.

We aim for transformative. Through the expertise, support and guidance we provide, we create with you the possibility and capacity for change.