The Board Review - Survey and Workshop

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The Board Review survey and workshop is ideal for organisations who are looking to develop a practical plan for improvement that delivers results.

Starting with an online survey to assess individual and board capabilities, our experienced Matrix consultant will then facilitate a workshop with your Board to put together a detailed, practical and achievable Board Development Plan.

Using the survey results as a starting point, we will explore the key areas of strength and important development opportunities for your Board; and provide you with a detailed Board Review Report and Board Development Plan.

What you get:

  • A comprehensive online survey for your directors to complete (takes about 20 minutes).

  • Administration, emails and reminders about the survey.

  • A three-hour workshop to present the survey findings and create a practical Board Development Plan, facilitated by one of our expert consultants.

  • A detailed report on the survey findings.

  • A Board Development Plan, ready for you to implement.

How it works:

  • Preparation: You provide us with contact email addresses for participating Board members, and we agree on project dates including a convenient time and location for the workshop (we work weekends and evenings as needed)

  • The Survey: Board members complete the survey online by the close date. We will send reminders!

  • Analysis: We analyse and interpret the responses and prepare a detailed report.

  • Workshop: Our expert facilitator leads a workshop with all board members (4 hours) to share outcomes the findings of the survey and facilitate conversations leading to a Board Development Plan, created with the full agreement of the board during the meeting.

  • Report and Plan: The Board Review Report and The Board Development Plan are provided after the workshop.

* workshop may be conducted online or face to face. Price is exclusive of travel expenses.