Training and Workshops

We help build skills and knowledge.

Matrix Consulting develops and facilitates workshops and online training that is tailored to your specific needs, to build the knowledge, skills and abilities of your Board, management and team.

We will facilitate workshops and develop training events for your unique needs; and we have a number of packages that can be adapted to your needs, including culturally appropriate delivery for indigenous organisations.

For Boards

For Managers and Teams

Financial Literacy and Emergency Relief Training

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Training and Workshops for Boards

For Boards

We have the following programs available, and can customise and combine programs to suit your needs. Our programs can be as detailed or broad as you choose, from a half day to 2-3 days.

Board Induction - help new (and existing) members ensure a clear, shared understanding of roles and responsibilities, governance structures and processes and all the key fundamentals.

Foundations of Governance - based on an analysis of your current situation, we will help build your understanding of the governance requirements and structures for your organisation, including identifying any gaps that require action.

Understanding Financial Reports - Be confident in reading the financial reports, and answering the key question - is the organisation solvent?

Financial Literacy for Boards - What’s your business model? Not for profit organisations sometimes find it challenging to look beyond funding and grants to identify and explore the business model - where the money comes from, and where it goes. This facilitated workshop helps your Board and management team to see the possibilities and build understanding of the ‘money story’.

Stakeholder Management - Working with Government - Government is a key stakeholder for any NFP organisation, as policy makers and a key source of funding. This workshop enables you to understand the issues that matter for government, how they think and how best to interact with government staff.

Training and Workshops for Managers

For Managers and Teams

2 Learners - Training for Mentors - Designed to help those with a role in mentoring others, whether within the team, in the community or with clients.

Project Management - Taking a ‘fit for purpose’ approach to project management methodology, this workshop can be adapted to a range of experience levels.  It is designed to provide opportunities for participants to use examples from their workplaces; to plan a project they expect to undertake or to work with a relevant sector case study.

Facilitation and Presentation Skills - This workshop explores presentation and facilitation skills in a range of contexts, from formal presentations to managing meetings and workshops; and can be adapted to the needs of the participants.  It includes planning, understanding your audience, qualities of an effective presenter, and building confidence in your presentation style.

Bullying and Harassment - Through discussions, case studies and small group work this workshop explores inappropriate workplace behaviours and their impacts, including bullying, harassment, lateral violence, vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue. It includes organisational responsibilities, prevention and reasonable management action.

Financial literacy for individuals - a Staff development program - These workshops are designed to prepare program participants for receiving a regular salary and having money to manage. It covers building skills in how to manage the money they receive and managing family and partner expectations; and explores the practicalities and responsibilities you have as a wage earner to yourself, the government and businesses from which you buy products and services.

Financial Literacy Trainings

Financial Literacy and Emergency Relief Training

Matrix has been developing and delivering training around financial literacy and emergency relief to support workforce development in these sectors.

MoneyBusiness Kit* Facilitator Training

MoneyBusiness is an ANZ Bank financial education program designed for remote indigenous communities. Matrix delivers training for facilitators wanting to use the MoneyBusiness kits in their workplaces.

Online training for Financial Literacy and Emergency Relief workers and volunteers

The following training is available online: