Capability and Capacity Building

We help you be better at managing what you do.

We work with organisations to help them. From national, sector-level workforce development programs to governance, strategic planning and policies and procedures within your organisation, we work with you to strengthen your organisation and help you deliver on your mission.

For Organisations

For Boards

For Government


For Organisations

Whether you need a new strategic plan, coaching and mentoring for the management team or facilitated workshops to develop your team, we can help.

Call us to discuss your needs for:

  • Strategic and business planning

  • Workforce training and development

  • Policies and procedures review and development

  • Rolling out a new program

  • Improving service delivery

  • Professional development

One of our most innovative development projects, see the story here: Small Business in The Bush


For Boards

We specialise in helping Boards do better.

From our online evaluation survey, The Board Review, to working closely with indigenous Boards, we are experts in assisting your Board to identify and implement improvement plans.

We review and discuss governance processes to ensure your compliance and that systems and processes will work well for your organisation and Board members.

We have Board-specific training available to support and grow your Board’s expertise.


For Government and Industry Bodies

Matrix has undertaken several large-scale workforce development projects in partnership with government and industry bodies.

From setting up offices, identifying and growing the workforce, developing, delivering and evaluating training programs, we are experts in this area.

In particular, if your workforce is remote, distributed or in locations where training and development resources are harder to access, we have tools and approaches that can help you.

Major Workforce development projects we have delivered nationally:

Financial Capability Sector →

Emergency Relief Workforce Development →